Parent Permission Issues
There is a bug with Parent Permission in the Portal. Either parents are not getting the link to approve, the link is not working, or they have given permission and the green check mark turned in to a red mark.

Here is a work around:
Instead of having parents give permission through the portal, please email them this form and email it back to address listed on the form.




Due to issue with the Portal we have decided to extend the deadline. The Alliance is working on fixing or finding work arounds for the problems you are experiencing. The CT Regional Scholastic Art Awards does own or maintain the Portal and these fixes are beyond our capabilities. As issue come up they are sent to the Alliance. I have been in many meetings with the other Affiliates and with the Alliance and everyone is experiencing the same issues. Hopefully within the next few days the worst issues will be resolved. Thank you for your patience. This is a new system for everyone.

Online Registration Deadline: Tuesday, December 19th 11:59pm
Invoice/Payment Deadline: Received by Thursday, December 21st

Invoice Payment Issues

There is a bug in the Portal not allowing teachers to create invoices. or see artwork. The Alliance is working on resolving all bugs.

Here is a work around:
Instead of generating the inportal invoice completely fill out the CT Invoice and deliver or mail with Payment.
(Without an invoice payment cannot be applied to submissions.)