NEW FOR 2021! 
 Individual Categories:  $7 per Submission(Limit of 30 per School/8 per Student)
Schools: To make it easier to plan - $105 per 15 Submissions: 
$7 for each additional submission

(We recommend that you divide submissions equally among art teachers)

Portfolios: $25 each  (Limit 12 per School)Each Senior may submit up to 2 portfolios.
This fee pays only for Adjudication of the Portfolio as a unit of 8 works but DOES NOT pay for any works that a student wants to ALSO have adjudicated individually outside of the Portfolio.

For  individual students who have a financial impediment and are unable to pay for submissions,

please fill out a Fee Waiver for EACH  Submission
Fee Waivers MUST be included with the Invoice and Signed Submission Forms. Click Here for Fee Waiver Form.


Andrea Haas - Chair 

CT Regional Scholastic Art Awards

PO Box 290683

Wethersfield, CT 06129

To Register your students and their artwork go to​

  Download and complete the invoice and Submit it with check or money order. 

Payment will not be accepted after December 19, 2020  Purchase orders must be accompanied by check. 



Invoice, Payment and Signed Submission Forms Can Be Mailed To:

Mail the Invoice, a  check made out to CT Regional Scholastic Art Awards, and a copy of all signed submission forms and sent together to: