Category Change from 2022:

Video Game Design and Future New have been discontinued, but we are introducing a new art category, Expanded Projects!

​New Category in 2021: 

Expanded Projects

Interdisciplinary work that is primarily driven by concept or invites participation by a viewer or community. Expanded Projects may include the documentation of live art, installation, research-based practices, or interactive visual art. Expanded Projects do not include dance, music, theater, or spoken word poetry. Original work in this category will explore new genres, ideas, or experimental methods that could not be represented in other categories. The evaluation of technical skill may include both the way the work is documented and the conceptual background of the work in addition to the work’s construction.

​Examples include, but are not limited to, documentation of live art, experimental video art, installation, site-specific or research-driven processes, conceptual art, social discourse, or community projects. Submissions that don't fit the category description or that belong in another category will not be awarded.

Category Change from 2020:

Art Portfolios

This year, art portfolios will include six works rather than eight. For the first time, seniors submitting a portfolio must submit two statements. Both statements must not exceed 500 words.

  • Artist Statement
    • The Artist provides insight into the themes or processes used to create the six works in your portfolio.The statement will be viewable by jurors, so do not use self-identifying information. 
  • Personal Statement
    • The Personal Statement is a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it.

 Read the submission category descriptions to confirm that you are

submitting your artwork to the appropriate category.